Thursday, 13 March 2014

University Buys.

As I said in this post a few weeks ago, I am returning to being a student again.

I will be moving back into halls, with a shared bathroom and kitchen, I will downsizing bedrooms and living off a budget.

To prepare for my new room, I have started shopping to make it as lovely as possible as the last time at uni my room ended up a mess with unorganised photos plastered over the walls, I will not be repeating this.

Thanks to Pinterest I have a few different rooms that I want.

They're unrealistic I know, I'm in a box room with a single bed and built-in furniture, but a girl can dream, right?

Back to reality.

I have purchased a few things so far and thought it would be cool to show you guys.

I have this cushion from Primark:

It cost a whopping £4 and I think will fit in with my Shabby Chic/Parisian/Country room, with a nude cushion either side.

As I was walking to the checkout in the store, I spotted this cute heart.

And again, this broke the bank at £1.50. I haven't thought of where I'll put this in my new room, but I'm sure I'll find somewhere.

Another little find I've bought, from a small shop in Hemel Hempstead called Dolly, is this garland.

Once again this cost me £4.50 and will be my attempt to prettify my shelves. 

The last thing I have bought, even though it's not for my room, and probably the thing that has bought me much happiness (materialistic I know) is from Sainsbury's and cost £4.50


It's a chicken-shaped chopping board. I love it. 

If only I had a big country house.

I'm dreaming again.

Let's stop, shall we?

I'll keep you upto date with anything else I buy.


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