Saturday, 28 December 2013

2013: My Year in Instagram Pictures.

Well, Christmas is over already, and that means one thing...A New Year. I have taken inspiration for today's post from Sunny Sweet Pea and her post 'My Year In Photos' However, as you can see from the title, I have adapted it to my Instagram photos, my number one stop for sharing my photos. So here it is; my year in photos:

January started with a late-night train journey home in the snow to see Tilly's first experience of snow. It was so funny seeing her go crazy!

March included a one night stay in Birmingham, ok, it was for a night-out but I still managed to see the city.

April was spent seeing friends, loving student life, and cycling round Cambridge.

I was still enjoying Springtime in Cambridge in May, and snapped this picture of Pembroke College on the way to meet up with friends there.

June, 12th, the day I spent about 3 hours in A&E after a lovely day at work, and being halfway through a friend's birthday celebrations. Silly me, I slipped and fractured my fibula. When I woke up that day, I did not have any ideas that I would have to stop studying, and move home 2 days later.

After 2 long months, in the hottest summer England's had, in a knee-length cast, I was finally allowed to wear a pair of shoes, trainers, with a ankle support thing on (hidden under my jeans).

After starting a new job in September, Settling into normality in October, I took a day trip to Portsmouth in November. A lovely day, going  up the Spinnaker Tower.

And here it is, Ending the year with a wonderful Christmas Dinner, Served straight away when I finished work.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my year, if you want to follow my instagram, my username is; thelittlelifeoflydia. Here's to 2014!



  1. Oh my. I know a few people who have broken their legs this year. Must have been something about 2013!

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

    1. Oh no! Well I hope there are no broken bones in store for 2014!