Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last Minute Secret Santa Gift Idea.

This week at work, I was kindly reminded that I had been put into the Secret Santa. I pulled out my recipient, A lady who seems lovely, but who I don't know very well. I went food shopping after work and picked up her gift. A little bag of goodies, totalling £4.93. The budget was £5 so I was thoroughly chuffed with my spend.

The gifts in the bag include a lovely miniature bottle of Kendermanns Spec Edition Riesling, which looks a lot more expensive than the £1.50 price tag.

A lovely wine glass which came in at 50p.

The next part is job specific, a tube of Palmer's Shea Butter Hand cream for £1.93, an essential for a nurse, who is constantly washing their hands!

To add another treat, I picked up a tube of Pink Smarties, these were £1.

I bought all of these from Asda, and I dug around in my home for an old gift bag and some tissue paper, then I put it all together.

All ready for delivery!


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