Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tea in Grantchester.

A couple of weeks ago I was staying in Cambridge before the move back there next month. Over the weekend my sister joined me and wanted to explore!

I was more than happy to comply.

We went for a short drive and stopped at The Orchard Tea Gardens. The open-all-year garden filled with deck chairs and tables is somewhere I've wanted to visit since I started university in 2012. 

We both ordered the scones with clotted cream & strawberry jam.

I also bought the lemonade.

Delicious is an understatement.

Photos can't justify the size of the scones. They are honestly huge, which means you get more jam!

We debated both on the pronunciation of the word scone. The cone or con. I am a cone kind of gal by the way. And, of course, how you layer the jam and cream.  

Who knew a light lunch could be so intense?

Back to the food.

The scones were soft and delicate. 


We ate up then took a stroll around the gardens, joining in with some people watching.

My sister joined in with the photo-taking admiring the gorgeous blossom hanging from the trees.


I think I have found my new favourite place to open a book, and sink out of the real world, in any season.

I'll try to remember to take photos.

After filling up we went to do some shopping with a determination to return in the summer.


You should too.


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