Monday, 30 June 2014

DIY Camera Bag

Ever Since I bought my nifty Canon 1100D, I knew I wanted a pretty bag. I got a free bag with the camera which sorted me out for a couple of months, but with Summer here, and lots of day trips happening, I did not want to be a thief's perfect target, or a typical tourist! 

I set out on Pinterest for pretty camera bags, with one's costing upwards of £100, I decided it was time to make one. I think I should let you know I always believed myself not to be creative, at all. So this would be interesting. 

All I bought was;

The Bag. Mine's from TK Maxx with a long shoulder strap, two shorter straps, and lots of space! It was for sale for a bargain of £24.99.
Fabric I got 1 metre and have lots left over,
Glue Gun,

First up, I roughly measured out the wadding to line the bag, and an extra piece or 2 for lens separators. I doubled the thickness of the wadding just to make it that bit more soft.

I then measured out and cut the fabric accordingly to the wadding. Fold the edges of the fabric inside to make a slight hem together and glue and stick.

Carry this on with all of your wadding. Warning: This took me about an hour, maybe because I was a little OCD over it? It's worth it though.

So after the fabric's glued over the wadding, you need to place the Velcro on. Just be sure to test the wadding in the bag and know where you want everything.  

If it's all good, go ahead and velcro that baby up! 

I left my small piece (lens separator thing) without velcro so I can move it around in the bag for different lenses. 

Once the velcro's on I suggest placing it in the bag for a couple of hours to secure it. 

Then you can pop in your camera and admire your beautiful bag. Don't forget you can take the inside pieces out of the bag and put them in other bags for different outfits/occasions.

I love that my camera has a very stylish home, and I can also fit my keys, purse etc. in the bag too.

I'd love to see your camera bags. Post a picture below!


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  1. Wow this is a brilliant idea! I'm for sure trying this one day, I'm kind of tired of my camera bag as well :-)