Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bucket List.

For a while now I've been thinking of all the things I want to do, so I thought, why not post it. Maybe you guys could help make some of this happen!

So here it goes;

  1. Road Trip Route 66,
  2. Learn to surf,
  3. Surf Bondi Beach,
  4. Have a first-class degree,
  5. Be happy with my body,
  6. Write an article for a newspaper or magazine,
  7. Go to Glastonbury Festival,
  8. Have a ride in a hot air balloon,
  9. Learn a second language,
  10. Have a bonfire and camp out on the beach,
  11. Pay for the car behinds petrol,
  12. See the Northern Lights,
  13. Write, and publish my own book, 
  14. Learn how to change a flat tyre,
  15. Travel abroad alone,
  16. Do a photo a day challenge, 
  17. Head to Africa and volunteer, 
  18. Travel First-Class,
  19. Make the most of every day,
  20. Enjoy the sunshine,
  21. Own a boat,
  22. Make someone smile everyday,
  23. Raise £5,000 for charity, 
  24. Head to the airport and fly,
  25. See a drive-in movie,
  26. Be an amazing nurse, 
  27. Love more,
  28. Visit every continent,
  29. Dance in the rain,
  30. Never give up my dreams, 
  31. Send a message in a bottle,
  32. Meet someone with the same name as me,
  33. Be remembered for the work I do,
  34. Say 'I Do'
  35. Watch the sunrise, 
  36. Step out of my comfort zone every week, 
  37. Laugh everyday,
  38. Plant a tree,
  39. Thank everyone who's influenced me,
  40. Spend quality time with my loved ones.
 Even though this list is full of adventures and other exciting stuff, I genuinely just want to be happy in life. 

Let me know what you have on your bucket lists below!


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