Friday, 19 September 2014

Goodwood Revival. Part One.

Last Friday my sister and I took a trip to the Goodwood Racecourse which, in turn, felt like we had turned back time by 50 years.

Be warned, you may want a cup of tea and a biscuit, the next two posts are very picture heavy!

After a drive down the m25 and sitting through rush-hour and event traffic we were very relieved to get out of the car and be surrounded by people dressed to the nines in 40s, 50s and 60s attire. 

Before you get to the gates you are invited to take a wander through lanes of vintage cars, rows of vintage shops and names you recognise drifted back in time. 

Butlins, Now, I've only ever been for the day to Butlins but with their roller-skating rink I'm sure many people were reminded of family holidays taken.

After a while of wondering we decided to head into the event, the theme, Brighton and summer by the seaside.

This features all of the mods and the beautiful mopeds. The rockers would come up later. 

For a 20 year old, an aspect of the revival I found amazing was all of the familiar brands that I had no idea had been around for so long. I guess I thought everything had been invented fairly recently.

After the long drive and a bit of walking through the 50s we decided it was time for a snack and some water. There was only one place we knew, Tesco.

Except this was not Tesco as we know it, in true Goodwood fashion, this too was reverted back in time, 

Well, you don't get ladies singing outside your local Tesco everyday, do you?

I was so surprised when I found that we could buy some chocolate-shaped goodies that were in the packaging of the 50s. 

And yes, we also found that we could use our clubcard!

Now, I love my fair share of cars, and the ones on show were right up my street, my eyes did tint green at points wishing I could own one of these beautiful machines.


After we looked at the cars on show, we took time in Gasoline Alley. You'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out what that is. Sorry!


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