Wednesday, 10 September 2014

This Is Me.


If you follow this blog, you may remember the post back in June about giving the blog a good go and with determination to update at least once a week with lifestyle, fun, and all sorts of posts.

It didn't happen. 

During the past months I have still thought about my little blog and how I should really write something, but something just told me no. Then it came to me, why I felt like this. I was putting pressure, pressure that made me worry in case I didn't get a post up, worry about the time to write a half-decent post, and my brain said no. I don't like having to complete any activity that I love if I've been put under pressure to do it. 

I feel I needed to share the 'why' part with you guys. It allows me to move on and say 'This Is Me' a 20 year old student, who's a hopeless dreamer, procrastinator who loves her faith, write and do a whole bunch of other fun things. 


I am not perfect and definitely will never be perfect.  I just want to share parts of my life with you on a Lydia time frame. That may mean not having a post for a couple of weeks, not a tweet every day, but I want to share that I love this and will keep sharing the other things I love.


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