Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Weekend At Home.

I thought I would share with you and average weekend for me when I'm not working. They are usually filled by trying to relax, but socialize at the same time!


Whenever I get time, especially on the weekends, I make time to spend some time walking Tilly, always wrapping up in a coat & scarf. I love scrambling over stiles and into woodlands.

Saturday was spent tidying up the kitchen and drinking coffee. It was crazy to see how many dishes, pots, pans that my parents have collected of the years that they have been married.

Sunday is always a time to head to church and socialize, today was spent having lunch at a local pub getting to know knew people in the town.

Sunday evening's for me are spent joining in with Lifestyle Bloggers Chat on Twitter and writing up new posts.

I hope this post has shown how I spend my time, what do you do when you have nothing else planned?


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