Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Saturday Morning's Walk.

Over the weekend I drove out to the Oxfordshire countryside with my sister & mum. I decided to take my new camera, the Canon 1100d, and share the photos with you.

The Aston Rowant Nature Reserve is placed just above the M40 at Junction 5. 

After parking the car, we headed down one of the many trails. This is what we found: 

The views are pretty incredible.

I wondered how many people travelled past us whilst we sat being blustered by the wind.

We headed back past car and through the woods. Tilly, the dog, had so much fun sniffing around the bottom of the trees. 

The sunshine peeping through the trees warmed our hearts. Dreaming of the summer.


We made full use of the split-trees from the recent storms.


The fallen trees had attracted people to chop up the wood, we were thinking of heading back to chop some up for the kitchen. 

We decided against it.



Tilly was hoping for some treats as a reward for being such a good model.

She got one.


We headed home, washed down the boots, the dog, and ourselves and cooked up some pancakes before settling down on the sofa for the afternoon. 

A pretty good Saturday in my opinion. 



  1. Very picturesque, I do miss greenness lol Where I am at the momen (Outback QLD) the ground is mostly orange! Your dog is so cute!

    How are finding your cam? And are you new to DSLRs? I got my Nikon D5200 in November just.


    1. I can't imagine living somewhere without green spaces!

      My camera is great! I love how small, but good quality it is. How's the Nikon? This is my first DSLR, but I have used family members ones for a few years so have got to grips with it.