Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bluegrass BBQ.

A few friends and I went out for dinner to celebrate a birthday.

We headed to our favourite new restaurant in town: Bluegrass BBQ, where meat is slow-roasted for up to 18 hours. And the atmosphere is relaxed and laid-back with Folk and Country & Western music playing in the background.

The team in the kitchen include the only 'non-American Grand Champion of the Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ contest.'

Oh Yes.

It sounds good, doesn't it?

We headed straight to the burgers, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Hot Deli Sandwich.


The stripped chicken is placed in a toasted Brioche bun on a pile of lettuce & tomatoes, topped with Bluegrass's own cheese. 

It tastes seriously good.

Matt ordered the Pulled Pork.

All of the meals come served on plastic trays with handfuls of chips thrown on. 

Each table has its homemade, special sauces, no ketchup here!

These include my favourite, the Carolina, an amazing, sauce with hints of mustard.

Now, back onto the meat.


Lisa and Tim both ordered the Bluegrass Burger, topped with cheese.

The chips are cooked skin-on with plenty of seasoning. 


I think I'll stop with all these food photos, before I get too hungry!

If you're ever in South Buckinghamshire, I definitely recommend taking a trip to Bluegrass BBQ. 


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