Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Winter's Walk Through A Flooded Park.

Hello! As a country, we have been experiencing some pretty crazy weather over the past few weeks, with coastal areas being evacuated and flooding near to rivers, because of this my sister and I took Tilly, our beloved springer spaniel, to Higginson Park by the Thames in Marlow. We knew that the pathway would be flooded but could not believe how badly flooded it was:

Yep. Those are benches in the river.

This amount of flooding called for one thing: Wading through the water:

 After a short walk, Tilly soon got jealous and decided it was time for a swim as well:

Good thing I've got Hunter Wellies!

I relish in the fact that I live so close to beautiful surroundings, and I have an excuse to escape doing anything every day to enjoy it. P.S. get a dog if you want this!


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