Tuesday, 28 January 2014

In The Jungle.

Over the weekend I headed over to a friend's house for her '21+1' party. As you may guess by the title of this post, the theme was JUNGLE.

I love fancy dress.

Unfortunately I was running late (as usual) so was unable to get an outfit photo. However, I did wear a leaopard print dress, black heels, and leopard print make-up. 
 The house was really relaxed, with dark rooms, with plenty of disco balls.

One of the many outfits on display. I think onesies were a God-send for a few people! 

David, one of 2 Giraffes, and Hannah, the wonderful birthday girl!

 We were loving the pair of Giraffes. So easy!
I think these guys may have had practice of their posing, or it may be slightly worrying!
After a few hours of dancing, games, posing, and much more it was time for the cake.
Hannah was looking lovely as a jungle girl.

  I loved this, writing birthday wishes on a large canvas, something I'd love to have and read years on.

We finished the evening on large sofas, playing mind-twisting games before heading home, and straight to bed.

I'd love to thank Hannah for such a lovely night.


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