Sunday, 25 May 2014

Exercise Is Better With Friends. Training Week 2 And 3.

So, I missed last week's training update... that doesn't surprise me does it?!

So I've joined together week 2 & 3.

Week 2 saw me get back into the 9-5 life. Oh hello Dolly Parton...

This also means the commute and less time for cycling, or so I thought.

I made a deliberate effort to go out for a couple of rides. I fought 2 hills each ride. Well they were bridges, but quite steep!

I was, and still struggling with the diet side of training, but with some unexpected encouragement from a friend yesterday, I'm going to give it a go next week.

At the end of week 2 one of my good friends came over and we went out for a 5.5 mile ride, we went steady, my choice, and did it in about 45 minutes riding time, not too bad I guess.

What I did learn in week 2 was that exercise can be dull and boring, but only if you make it that way, and having a friend to exercise with makes it so much more enjoyable and bearable.

With the highs of Week 2 I hoped I was onto a winner, but then Week 3 came and everything went out of the window. I just lost ALL motivation and became a lazy slob for the week. I felt pretty low and I know those lovely little endorphins from exercise would have helped a lot.

I knew all week that I wouldn't be able to do the ride in September without training, but something in me just screamed NO! I'm not exercising, and I won't eat healthily!

I never realised how tough having this much a lifestyle change would be, but I'm determined to make small changes and get there.

As always I would love for you to donate to the ride. You can do this here.


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