Saturday, 24 May 2014

Family Selfies At The Pomeroy Inn

Yes, you did read that title right, my family took a selfie, and it was in a mirror, we are such 21st century people. Just kidding!

A few weeks ago my darling brother came home, and as this was the last time we'll be together for a least 3 months, we decided to go out. I have to apologise, I forgot to take my camera, so these are all iPhone photos, but the food's just too good not to share!

We went to the Pomeroy Inn which is just outside of Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

The pub/restaurant was full of people having lots of wine and delicious food, excited was an understatement.

With our tummies rumbling to the max we were shown to our table and looked at the menu.

There was such a wide range of pub classics.

We ordered and were drawn to the mirrors lining the wall.

The first selfie of my family. And probably the last.


When the food was brought out, I had to snap up some photos, but unfortunately, my family are not the best people to blog with. They just want to eat! So impatient..

My mum and I had the Hunter's Chicken, an absolute favourite of ours. I was most impressed with the amount of barbeque sauce there was as I usually have to ask for more. The Pomeroy earns itself an extra point for this!

Naomi had the Bacon Cheese burger, and it looked amazing.

Another burger was on the cards for my brother, but he is known to have eaten pretty much all meat than can be put into a burger. He settled for the Wild Boar & Chorizo Burger. Again, this looked so good and apparently it tasted good too!

While we all gulfed down our dinners, we caught up with each other, discussing unviersities, holidays and future plans.

The lovely waitress brought out the dessert menu.

Oh isn't it just so rustic!

Once again, my family quickly dug into their desserts so not many pictures!

My dad and brother each had a chocolate ├ęclair. I think they were about a foot long and absolutely delicious.

I had the Pimm's Eton Mess. I am addicted to 2 drinks in the summer; Cider and Pimm's, so this was heaven!

Overall, we had a lovely evening, and with the pub just 30 miles out of Central London, it makes the perfect afternoon summer's escape.


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