Sunday, 11 May 2014

Training Week 1.

This is the start of a new feature/update thing I'm going to be doing on the blog for the next couple of months. 

If you read this post last week you'd know that I'm doing the London to Brighton Cycle in September, and I NEED to train.

So, I thought I'd share with you all how it's going.

This week, week 1, was a bit slow for me, I was busy with work so only got 2 half hour rides in. Each time doing about 2 miles. 

The thing that has stuck out for me this week is how difficult this training will be, I have not done exercise recently and, having broken my right leg last year, lost a lot of the muscle. This means that my leg is burning, and really hurting after about 10 minutes on a bike. I'm dreading spending 6 HOURS on one. 

I just hope that I get a bit less lazy. Not just cycling, but anything, I can do easy things like taking the stairs instead of the lift in my block of flats and I think I will.

I want to do this, not just for the charity, but for myself, to prove to everyone that just because you're fat, doesn't mean you have to be unfit. I guess I also want to have a deadline to lose weight for. I'm not saying you'll see my being a skinny size 10, but what I am at the moment is not healthy. 

A positive thing I'll say about the training is that; I'm loving the countryside any scenery that I get to go through, check this out; not bad for an afternoon ride heh?

I would love for you to sponsor my sister and I as we complete the challenge, all donations with go directly to Child Bereavement UK. 


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  1. Just keep on the end goal and know it doesn't get easier but you will get better.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog