Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Day Celebrating All Things Agricultural.

Hello Lovelies,

I am very sorry that I haven't blogged so far this week, however, I have been a little busy starting a new job. This job has made me a very happy person because it means I am still doing aspects of what I love in my time away from university. 

Over the weekend, I visited The Henley Show. This is annual celebration of Oxfordshires agriculture and farming communities. This year was a first for me and I thoroughly loved it. 

If you were anywhere in the UK on Friday you would know that there was a serious amount of rain pouring down which put my friend from coming with us, but being in the country seems second-nature to me so rain is not an issue! Anyway we didn't have any rain on Saturday at the show :)

There were lots of activities going on, such as an equestrian competition with show-jumping and dressage (I think!), there were local farmers there selling chickens as well as showing their cattle off, as well as a group of dancing sheep...

Unfortunately for us the sheep didn't feel the beat in the music during the performance but it did not stop us from having a good ole' laugh. 

Walking around the site we had the lovely music of Lucky To Be Alive, a function band that are really good! 

Another part of the show we took interest in was the dog show. We entered Tilly into the Prettiest Bitch contest in the novice category. She didn't win and I don't think we will get to Crufts with her, but how could you say this gorgeous pup isn't pretty!?

We took in all aspects of the show and spent some money buying Christmas Presents for friends and just had a really fun time. Here are some of the things on display:

 This shampoo smells so good! We spoil our dog a little too much sometimes.

I think if I was going to own a tractor, I would buy a pink one too :)

There was some abnormally large fruit & veg in the produce tent.

If you want to visit your local country show, a full list can be found here;

Bye Lovelies 

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