Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blog Chat.

Blog Chat

Today's #BEDN topic is 'Blog Chat' so I'd thought I'd tell you all a little about my blogging journey and my hopes for The Little Life.

First off; The Little Life is not my first blog, I started blogging over on Wordpress with 'country girl, city life' I started blogging whilst at university to keep me busy and keep my English writing skills up. The blog didn't do so well and I had a major bloggers block. 

The Little Life was born in July 2013, hen I had moved back home from uni with a broken leg and I wanted to develop my blogging skills and networks. I started using Blogger and have tried to blog at least once a week, sharing with you my baking adventures, and fun things I have done, I hope this will continue.

Over the past few months I have  begun learning how to use social media to grow the blog, and connect with other bloggers. I absolutely love reading other blogs, seeing the different genres and the lovely layouts.

The Future...

In my big dreams, I would love to have a blog with readers from around the world and thousands of readers. But, if that ever happens, it would be a long way off, for now, I am just looking to keep writing, keep sharing and engaging with the readers I have. I love blogging, how I can write whatever I want and find other people with similar opinions.

I hope this has given you a little insight into how, and why, I blog.



  1. I love blogging but I find it so difficult to come up with interesting things! Although my blog is only small, I wonder what it would feel like to have people from across the world read my blog, crazy!


    1. Just keep going, there is always inspiration!
      I love your blog! The colours are so pretty.