Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Fair Goodies.

My mum, sister and I took a little trip over to the annual Christmas Bazaar hosted by the Chiltern American Women's Club. It hosted in aid of local charities and is filled with homemade produce, clothes and beauty products. 

After having a wander around all of the stalls, we decided it was time to spend money.

The first thing we bought were these candles by WoodWick, these candles smell so good, but they also crackle when the burn so you get the sound of a wood fire, without the wood fire. My sister has been raving about these for months but has never been able to find stockists in England. Until Now...

This Christmas set is £26 and the Cinnamon Cheer & Frasier Fir really creates a heavenly Christmassy smell. 

This candle is a Trilogy, I persuaded my mum to buy it for me as a Christmas present, so I haven't lit it yet. I usually get a little bored with having the same scent, especially as these candles burn for 100 hours each. 

The lid that comes with the candle is a perfect coaster to protect the surface the candle is sitting on.

You can buy WoodWick Candles here.

The next product I bought is from Ruby Red, It is a completely natural lip balm. I think it Vanilla & Honey, and it smells good!

The lip balm was £5 and is very smooth to put on, such a bargain espcially in time for the cold winter we're expecting.

You can look at the other products in Ruby Red's range on their website.

Last but not least, I purchased these two lovely scarves. I'm absolutely in love with wearing scarves at the moment, unfortunately I cannot remember the company that was selling these, but they were 2 for £15.

I don't have any scarves with stars on, or any with a darker colour, so though I would definitely be able to wear this regularly.

How pretty is this bird print?


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