Friday, 15 November 2013

Walking On Air.

So far BEDN is not going to plan. I definitely have not blogged everyday, but I have done more blogging which is a good place to start!

Yesterday, Lisa and I took a trip to Portsmouth. Long car journeys are absolutely hilarious with your best friend, we'll always find something to talk about!

When we got to Gunwharf Quays, we headed straight to Spinnaker Tower. I had one intention, to try and fight my fear of heights by walking on 'air'. 

Once inside the tower you are taken 100 metres or 55 floors to the first viewing deck. We had a very sunny day which meant incredible views!

On the viewing deck there are numerous information points, explaining what certain buildings are, and the history of maritime in Portsmouth. 

After reading about the different things on offer, and the sights, we decided it was time to walk the glass floor. this was not easy for me as the fear of heights, and falling, plagues me all the time.

Lisa took the first steps. I joined soon after.

It's a very long way down.

We decided to head off for some shopping, and returned free of charge to watch the sunset. I love how the sun made the view look even more special.

Unfortunately for us, the sun hid behind the clouds for sunset, but it was good whilst it lasted. We headed off for dinner and went to a friend's house before the journey home.

If you want to head up the Spinnaker Tower, more information can be found here.


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